Merchant Cash Advance

Are you struggling to find a lender to offer you a loan? This is a sad, but increasingly common tale in today’s business world. Banks are scared – too scared to take a risk on a business deemed “shaky” even if your business has good credit and a history of stability. What can be done? Athos Financial has the solution to fit your financial needs. Our merchant cash advance program can offer you a short-term loan that can be used for virtually anything, providing stability and growth.

Our merchant cash advance program is based on your expected credit card sales in the future, which allows you to leverage tomorrow’s success today. We’re proud to offer a no-hassle, no-headache cash advance solution to give you the cash you need as quickly as possible. Whether you need to buy a small run of product and have it in-store fast or need to fund a new marketing program, our merchant cash advance program is an ideal solution to your needs.

Why waste time with banks and lenders? Our financial solutions offer innovation, stability and the opportunity to invest in your business’ future right now. Quick, effective and flexible – that’s our guarantee to you.