Are you struggling with financial issues? Is your business stability in jeopardy due to a lack of liquidity? If that sounds familiar, Athos Financial has the solution to your needs. Our factoring program offers benefits to both short and long-term financial needs, and can give your business the growth potential you require.

We offer two types of factoring solutions for businesses: advance factoring and maturity factoring. Each of these provides additional cash flow by leveraging your current business assets. Advance factoring is an ideal solution for short-term financial needs, while maturity factoring is the optimum solution for mature businesses in search of a long-term solution to liquidity concerns.

Factoring is not a loan. Our factoring programs allow you to leverage your accounts receivable (financial assets) in exchange for cash now. Advance factoring allows you to obtain a cash advance on future receivables (up to 85% of the purchase price). Maturity factoring provides businesses with the means to receive funds on the maturity date of the receivables in question (no advance). Both solutions can offer firmer financial footing for companies in need of additional cash flow.

We’re proud to offer industry-best factoring solutions for businesses of all sizes. Find out how our programs can help your business grow.